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  • What is Reiki?
    The word “Reiki” comes from the Japanese ideograms “Rei” (spiritual wisdom) and “Ki” (life force). Reiki is an energy force in all living things, that also flows through inanimate objects. When one becomes attuned to Reiki through a Reiki master, they can channel and direct this life force energy into people, places or things. There are many reasons why one would would benefit from Reiki such as: space clearing, de-stressing, relaxation, crystal charging, chakra balancing, activating desired energies, or assistance in healing. Over 800 hospitals across the U.S. and many more worldwide offer Reiki because it enhances all forms of medical treatment increasing recovery rates. All text was written by a human
  • How do I cleanse my crystal?
    There are many techniques to cleanse crystals. BUT I personally prefer the terms "clear" and/or "charge" crystals/stones. "Cleanse" implies that they were previously impure. To "clear" is when you want to remove the energetic signature, to "charge" is when you want to boost their energy. The easiest, and most important way to keep your rocks and crystals clear/charged is to have a relationship with them. Check in with them, tell them they are doing a good job performing the intention you programmed into them. Express gratitude. Tell them you love them. Love clears and charges everything! Do you have a crystal, rock or mineral? Some are lower on the mohs scale (hardness) and may break down in liquid, so you wouldn't want to expose to water. How can you tell? Minerals tend to be more delicate: If it feels soft, chalky or flaky = no water. -You can hold your solid rock or crystal under cold flowing water to clear/charge. Most crystals are UV sensitive and color may fade from sunlight, so I do not recommend using sunlight to clear/charge. Actually, crystals don't crave sunlight. Makes sense since they lived in the dark earth for millions of years. No sun. -Smudge with a few passes of Sage or Palo Santo smoke. Don’t want to burn sage? You can rub the sage leaves onto your crystal, use essential oil fragrance in a diffuser running the crystal through the mist, or mist with a liquid smudge or vibrational essence spray. -Direct some sort of “tone” with a sound vibration around your crystal. My personal fave is Tingshas, but you can use a signing bowl, bell, or gently tapping a wine glass half filled with water. Do you play a music instrument? Play to your crystals, they love music! -Give your crystals or rocks a "vacation" by placing into a pot of dirt, or in your garden. They love re-connecting with mother earth! There are crystals/minerals that are self-clearing such as Selenite, Citrine and Blue Kyanite (to name a few) that can also help with clearing/charging others. Some suggest to cleanse rocks and crystals with salt. I never do, as they told me it "burns" them. You decide. Remember to also clear/re-charge your jewelry occassionally too. If you would like to charge your crystals under the moon just be aware of what phase the moon is in. For full moon charging check the time the moon is at 100% illumination so as to synch up with the growing (waxing) moon. (We have Manifesting with the Moon workshops that go into more detail on the moon phases ) As the same idea with Tarot cards/Divination tools, you don’t want others to “play” with or over-handle your crystals/stones. This will allow their energy to remain connected to you. Use dedicated crystals/stones for use with other people. All text written by a human ©ENCHANTED TREASURES all rights reserved
  • Oh no! My crystal broke...what do I do?
    No worries. Crystals may break or crack for many reasons, each giving us a lesson. Maybe it was due to a simple accident, which causes one to take a look at possibly slowing down in life, or being more attentive. Recall what you were doing, or what were your thoughts at the time the crystal broke. The answer may surprise you. Sometimes crystals absorb so much energy that they become overwhelmed with stress fractures, which means it's time to give your crystal (and yourself) some much needed TLC. Or crystals want to break off and become multiples...each carrying their own energy with their own journey. In all these instances a good clearing and grounding can revitalize and/or re-purpose your crystal. Don't know how to cleanse your crystal? Search the FAQ for simple techniques. All text written by a human ©ENCHANTED TREASURES all rights reserved
  • What is Focused Intention?
    Focused Intention starts with having a very clear vision of a goal or desire one would like to attain, then setting time aside to make a daily ritual of activating that vision. There are many ways to be creative with a focused intention ritual. It could be programming a crystal with the intention, then carrying or wearing it as a reminder, placing it in a crystal grid, or displaying it in a particular location. Or one could include the goal during daily meditation practice. Some people journal or create vision boards. The focused intention ritual helps to inspire, and energize the physical action. It is equally important to take the physical steps required for manifestation because intention without action is just wishful thinking. This is a very simplified explanation of a quantum physics principle. Intention. Focus. Awareness. Life is what You make it! All text written by a human ©ENCHANTED TREASURES all rights reserved
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