Interested in becoming a High Vibe team member?

  • Are you confident, and willing to be of service to others?

  • Are you optimistic with a focus on positive outcome? 

  • Are you aligned with peace, walking a path of love and light?

  • Are you calm yet also able to “work” in a fast-paced environment?

  • Are you willing to digital detox for a 3 - 5 hr "work" shift?


If the answer is YES then…

  1. Print out all 3 pages of the job application 

  2. Please fill out by neatly hand-printing (no cursive writing except for signature)

  3. Staple or paper clip all 3 pages

  4. Drop off at ENCHANTED TREASURES during business hours


Submitting an application does not imply a promise of employment


Please do not contact ENCHANTED TREASURES about application status

Thank you so much for your consideration!